Saturday, 10 September 2011

September 2011

Camera ... ?

Islam Profile Pictrue

Cute Mirpuri Girl 

Passport Please!!!

Pahari Pothwari Couple


The Muslim Barbie

Green and White?

Punjabi Couple

Pashtun Couple

Sindhi Couple

Balochi Couple

Kashmiri Couple


Sunglasses 2

Princess Zahra

Gulabi Khan

"I am going to Chakswari"

A Proudly Pakistani Guy


Thursday, 8 September 2011

June 2011

Welcome to my Blogger

Swedish Couple 

I love you

British Child 

Sindhi Child 


 Neomi and Tristan

Colours of Paradise Kashmir 

Groom and Bride

Pauper VS Princess

Innecont Punjabi Girl 

Princess Zahara 


Wonder Guy

Gakhar Clan Poster

Get Ready, Jasmine! (Comic)

March 2011

The Kayani Family (My Family)

Jamal and Arsalan (For a friend) 

Saudian Princess Layal (For a friend) 

 Jorfeus and Fiara (For a friend)

The Untold Priness (For people and me) 

Charatcers of "A Innecont Soul" story 

Princess Maariyah 

Prince Shah 

Zara the evil witch 

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

January 2011

Asif Sohrab (For a friend)

Newborn (For a friend) 

Kalini as an Punjabi Villager (For a friend) 

Lovers in Dubai (For a friend) 

Being caught by a girl 

Colours of Pakistan 

Punjabi Girl (For a friend) 

Nadezhda (For a friend) 

Reema (Repunzel in Pakistan Punjabi Version) 

(Urdu Version) 

Joy and Happy Lovers